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Results driven, with zero bull, I'm focused on building (and optimising) amazing digital journeys for your ideal customers.

I'm a web development and optimisation consultant, based in Scotland

I help businesses grow and flourish online, with exciting, engaging and creative digital solutions, from start-up to SME.
"We've found Lee to be a breath of fresh air, not just for skills and knowledge but because Lee always brings an attitude of finding solutions not problems, which is invaluable to a startup business like ours. Highly recommended!"
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"If you need to build a website, please look into Lee Fletcher @ - this is not a referral link, I get no kickbacks. But he built my website, and did such a phenomenal job. He is so kind, trustworthy and easy to work with. I do not know him outside of this - we don't even live in the same country - he just is truly a gem to work with, and I can't help but refer him to others."
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I'm known for...

White-label web development, web hosting and SEO expert

As a freelance digital consultant with 15+ years' experience, I can quickly turn your designs into fully functional and accessible websites, host them on my WordPress optimised hosting platform, and optimise them for search performance or ad campaigns.

I work with other freelancers, businesses and agencies of all sizes. My agency clients serve some of the biggest global brands and organisations, and my work is seen and used by millions every day. Some examples are custom web solutions for clients like NHS Scotland, TaxAssist Accountants, Mozolowski & Murray, Sunamp Ltd, and dozens of excellent local businesses.

Digital Brilliance for Photographers and Creatives

One of the most frustrating things for photographers or other creatives running a business, is how little time they actually get to spend doing the creative things they love! So much to build a website, got to plan marketing campaigns, got to make sales, got to make clients happy, got to analyse results and make improvements...the list is never-ending!

Most of these things are underpinned by a digital process nowadays, and if you've ever had that feeling of putting things off because you just can't face updating your website, or you don't know how to set up an email sequence, or a sales funnel, or a product or training course you'd like to sell...well that's what Backlight is here for! To take away that digital burden, get you online and optimised as quickly and easily as possible, and automating your way back to creative freedom.

Stylish Photography & Video Production

Lee Fletcher Photography is my photo and video studio based in Falkirk, and my base of operations for all my services. Expert story-centric filmmaking, brand photography and headshots are the studio go-tos. My work has appeared in magazines such as Scottish Field and Oil & Gas, and my videos have been seen by millions on Facebook and YouTube. Together, they help businesses reach and engage their target audience.

WordPress Speed Optimisation

Slow website? There's nothing worse. Every extra second waiting for a page to load costs you visitors and sales. We'll figure out what's causing the bottlenecks and remove them quickly and easily, decreasing page load speed, increasing visitor engagement and giving you the best chance to succeed online.

Online Training Course and Website Creation

If you're looking to create training materials for an online course, I am TAP qualified in training production and delivery, so can help you create engaging interactive learning, which Fletcher Digital can mesh together into a slick, money-making online course in no time.

Think fully automated online membership sites, hooked up to secure payment gateways, landing pages, payment-protected content and download-proof videos. I've got you covered.

Outsourced Editing for Busy Photographers

I know how busy wedding photographers can get, especially during the summer months, and I know how quickly the backlog can start building up. Don't stress! Send your editing to us and my team of editors will edit the images just like you, and get them back to you, ready to deliver to your clients. 

We're your trusted outsourcing partner, here to ease your editing burden. Free yourself from your computer, take on more clients and do the things you love doing, like getting out behind your camera. 

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I could talk about this stuff all day. Tell me about your project and let's see how we can make it legendary.
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